€ 12,95

• Does not leave a greasy residue
• Silky and original result
• Has a slight cleaning effect
• Pleasant fragrance
• Fast end result
• Silicone-based formula


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Dashboard Lotion is the ideal product for renewing vehicle interiors. It restores plastic, vinyl and leather to a “as new” finish with
a dry and non-greasy finish.


Dashboard Lotion is a nourishing lotion for all plastic parts in the interior of the car. Dashboard Lotion gives a silk-matt and
original result to handles, door panels, dashboard, consoles and control buttons. It can also be used on wooden trim and
leather surfaces. It has a light cleaning effect when applied.

Directions for use:
Lightly spray Dashboard Lotion to any hard interior surface to be treated and rub evenly with a clean cloth or sponge. Shake well
before use.

Tips & Tricks:
• By using a brush or brush, hard-to-reach places such as grates can be treated.
• Also suitable for restoring the color of rubber mats. Spray the cleaned mat with Dashboard Lotion and let it dry for a few
minutes. Then rub on with a clean cloth for an even and renewed end result.