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• Powerful cleaning power
• Acid-free product
• Effortlessly removes stubborn brake dust and road grime
• Works without brushing during high pressure cleaning
• Hardly dries in hot weather because of special composition


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Wheel Wash is a powerful wheel cleaner for removing brake dust and dirt from heavily soiled wheels.

Wheel Wash is specially developed for extreme cleaning of rims. In particular, the special formula loosens stubborn brake dust
and soaked off by the special formula and then hosed off by means of a high-pressure cleaner. During this operation, traffic dirt
is also immediately removed. Wheel Wash is an alkaline product and does not contain any acids.

Directions for use:
Apply Wheel Wash to the dirty wheel. Leave on for 60 seconds, and if necessary agitate with a Wheel Brush. Immediately rinse
thoroughly with water after 60 seconds. Use only in the open air or well-ventilated area. Always test on an inconspicuous area
before use. Avoid use on bare aluminium wheels. Cartec is not responsible for damage caused by misuse. DO NOT use in direct
sunlight. DO NOT allow Wheel Wash to dry on any surface. DO NOT use Wheel Wash on hot/warm wheels, allow wheels to cool
sufficiently after driving before cleaning.

Tips & Tricks:
For very sensitive rims such as untreated aluminium, use Fallout Remover to prevent damage.

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